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This is my public, development website where I post information regarding myself and any projects and achievements I have made that I think are of interest. As a work in progress, I plan to include my computer codes and also information on hardware integration improvements that I make.

I plan to include links, images and insights into the i-Firewall hardware device that I created and have been developing and maintaining since 2003. It's very much feature-rich in security and functions that you would only expect from much more expensive units. I have built-in Traffic Shaping, Scan Detectors, numerous IDS features and the ability to set SynFlood/Ingress protection on an individual service-by-service basis; set different limits and burst rates for each service you are allowing in. Based on my own minimal version of the linux o/s that I developed from the Linux-from-scratch project, it is complete with IPSec, OpenVPN, web content-filtering with Evercookie and Zeus protection. There are no licence restrictions due to everything either being open source or written by myself. If you need more VPN tunnels, just add them in.

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Experienced, Qualified IT Security Systems - VPN - Firewall - Specialist

IT Security Systems management with both proprietory equipment and my own firewall operating system, Ultra, which I use in my i-Firewall hardware security device. Qualified to ITAA Information Security Awareness and also for Internet Security.

Very experienced in Linux systems administration and custom builds as demonstrated as ISP/MSP/ASPs in commercial work and responsible for the builds, development and roll out for Global Name Registry when working there on the Top Level Domain dotName (.name).

Many years spent on desktop/server general office IT support, including working for Royal Bank of Scotland, Electronic Office, Essex Computers Ltd, and ARK. During my time with Royal Bank of Scotland I was (not at same time) the Credit Card Centre Network Manager, for which I received commendations for core business requirement improvements, and also a software developer, working on Visual Basic, VBA on Y2K work, updating old programing and creating new run-times such as their Power Dialler.

I am also proficient Perl programmer, creating all my important firewall/security device programs in Perl (on Linux) in addition to shell scripting and creating my own Webmin Modules which create HTML scripts to enable GUI control of the firewalls in addition to normal command line control. Also have mastered basic PHP scripting, including command line PHP on Linux.

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At this point I need to thank Abby King and Chris Webb for their help in getting this site designed, up and running. You can find more information on Abby at and on Chris at

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