Richard King

Basic background into IT skills base and experience

Over 20 years experience in the IT industry in both software development and hardware including networking. Moved across to the IT field in a support role at the end of the 1980s and early 1990s from a printing industry background as IT and computerization gradually took a firm grip of transforming the printed word (books, journals, stationary) from a very old industry to a very modern cutting edge technology. There were more opportunities in supporting this new technology and equipment (which frequently needed support) in contrast to the now shrinking printed paper world.

Once PCs managed to catch up with the Apple's and could be connected to imagesetters, producing final film images, I was able to completely cut ties with being a printer and became a full-time computer engineer. With some City and Guilds and NVQ courses I developed a good awareness of general IT, moving into the Networking world, first with 10baseT and 10base2, then Cat5 and 6. I was lucky enough to pick up on software development and programming early on and gained some good qualifications and experience, including high-level commercial experience in the banking world.

As the internet-enabled era dawned I was well placed in my working environments to pick up on Linux and then combine that with networking to move into the internet security world and securing multiple-homed offices together using Virtual Private Networks over the public internet; a technique which thanks to revelations in 2013 regarding the US National Security Agency and its tapping into US-based internet providers, and their data held on and for their clients, has become perhaps the most important IT issue we have yet encountered.


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